What is it?

It's our Recommendation Programme that saves your friends money, helps your friends move, and makes you money, all at the same time. Not a bad idea right?

How does it work?

  1. Join MTC Members Club Private Facebook Group
  2. Recommend Miller Town & Country EVERYWHERE possible (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, out in town, etc)
  3. Tell your friend to mention YOU when they call us
  4. Your friend gets a discount off our fee... thanks to you
  5. YOU get £200, as a thank you, when the property sells

What's the potential?

  • 10 friends, colleagues, or followers need an estate agent. They mention your name when they get in touch
  • We meet with them to give free marketing advice
  • 8 of them become clients
  • We help them move, which means £200 for you AND a discounted fee for them
  • Multiply that by the 8 clients you helped us help = £1,600 cash in your pocket… easy money!!

Why do we do it?

It's simple. We'd rather spend our marketing budget on 'thank you' payments than thousands of leaflets going through peoples' letter boxes.

You help us with a recommendation. We help them get moved. We pay you to say 'thank you'. No ifs ands or buts.