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In today's Tavistock and Okehampton property market, selling your home can be a challenging task. If you're thinking of selling your property this year, it's crucial to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and be ready to adapt to buyers’ needs. That means it's time to shake off the outdated habits that can hinder a successful sale. Let's delve into six common old habits you should ditch this year for a more effective sale.

Neglecting repairs and maintenance

Many sellers have a tendency to postpone doing those minor repairs before putting their home on the market. This habit, however, can be off-putting for potential buyers who may see fixing these issues as an additional burden of time and cost. It will also set off alarm bells of what hidden nightmares could be lurking behind those walls. A home that has been well kept and is move-in ready is incredibly attractive to buyers right now. Make sure you prioritise those pending repairs and maintenance tasks. Doing so won't just enhance your property's attractiveness, it can also contribute to its potential value.

Only considering the highest offer

It's natural for sellers to get excited by the highest offer, calculating that maximum profit from their property sale and how that will impact their next move. When considering the financial aspect of an offer, it's also important to consider all aspects of the offer and the position of the buyer: what finance they have in place and whether that is approved, if they are in a chain and if they have found a property. It is also worth asking if they have a timeline for their move, and assess whether that is in line with your plans. By weighing all elements of the offer, you could circumvent potential hitches further down the line.

Being unwilling to negotiate

Holding fast to your initial asking price and refusing to engage in negotiation can often act as a barrier to a swift and successful home sale. In the current housing market, negotiation has become an expected and integral part of the process. If you remain unbending on your price, it could deter any interested buyers who may just pass on your property for an alternative. By showing a willingness to negotiate, you can aid a speedier sale. Instead of viewing negotiation as a loss, see it as a chance to secure a buyer without significant delay.


Not being flexible for viewings

We all live busy lives, and we understand that trying to juggle viewings into your already overwhelming schedule can be impossible. But not having flexibility when it comes to viewing schedules is a practice that's fallen out of favour in today's property market. Whilst digital advancements have simplified the process of house hunting, potential buyers still prefer a physical walkthrough of the property before they decide to purchase. Being flexible for viewings and showing a readiness to adjust to the timings of prospective buyers, you stand a better chance of securing a sale for your home. It's all about demonstrating a cooperative and accommodating approach to your viewers' needs.

Leaving personal belongings everywhere

Our homes are filled with our personal things, but there is a way of finding the right balance between it being your home and being a property for sale. A property completely filled with personal items can obstruct a potential buyer’s ability to picture their own belongings and their life within those walls. We recommend you try a new approach: depersonalise your home. By keeping the majority of personal items out of sight, you make your property a neutral space that any buyer can potentially fill with their own life. Switch the emphasis on to your home's features and possibilities rather than your memories and mementos. A clutter-free environment not only looks more appealing but it also allows buyers to imagine the property as their own.

Not understanding the importance of home staging 

Underestimating the value of home staging is a common oversight amongst sellers in both Tavistock and Okehampton. Home staging is no longer an optional extra but a fundamental part of preparing your property for the market. It is about creating a welcoming environment that allows potential buyers to visualise living in the space. Effective staging can bring to life the best features of your property and help it stand out in a competitive market. This year, do not simply tidy your house for a viewing; stage it to make a lasting impression. 

Creating new habits

If you would like more advice on the best habits to adopt to help prepare your home for sale, give our team at Miller Town and Country a call on 01822 617243 or 01837 54080.