Sally has been an estate agent, covering all aspects of the process for nearly 20 years and has sold houses in Devon, Cornwall, The South Hams and Surrey. Tavistock is such a great town with so much going on and she still gets excited about helping people with their moves.  Sometimes she has even been known to happy dance around the office, particularly when we have positive feedback from happy clients! Those are the best days!

What’s your favourite part of your role at MTC?

I love the feeling of going the extra mile to help people where others have not to bring complicated situations to a successful conclusion… and my collegues are pretty great to work with too.  

What keeps you busy outside the office?

Anything to do with the theatre and I’m there. Whether it be watching, performing or helping out backstage. It helps keep the extrovert in me in check! Live performance is where it’s at! 

What is your top tip for sellers?

Trust the process, and trust us as your agent. Carefully consider any advice given as we have likely dealt with most situations within most markets and often discuss together as a team.

Office contact details

Tavistock 2 Drake Road Tavistock Devon PL19 0AU