Matt is a West Country boy through and through who started his career in the early 1980s and still loves coming to work every day. He has covered most of Devon and Cornwall over this time and loves both counties as they offer so very much. He has a passion for property but feels strongly that it is the people behind each transaction that make his role so emotionally rewarding. 

What’s your favourite part of your role at MTC? 
My favourite parts of the job are valuations and viewings as well as building relationships with clients, many of which have become great friends over the years. As I have always advocated, clients are for life, not just for one transaction, and it is, therefore, critical we do the best we can every day, for everyone, we are working with. The responsibility we have to find the right buyer and/or the right home for our clients and caring enough to look after them along the way is what keeps the job interesting.
Three generations in, this still seems to ring true with so many people we deal with!  I also love working with an established team. We are like one big happy family and certainly, I would not have had the levels of success I have enjoyed, without being surrounded by so many amazing people over the years.

What keeps you busy outside the office?
I love being outdoors in all weathers, either walking on the moors or along the coastline, surfing, swimming, or out on my bike. To be fair I have recently treated myself to an electric one but do generally try to only use the booster bit if I really need it. (honest)  

What is your top tip for sellers?
Be objective and listen to your head as well as your heart. The market fluctuates up and down periodically, but in the long run, property remains a great investment. After 40 years which has gone in a blink of an eye, the cottages I started selling for £5,000 are now nearer £200,000 or more. But we have a responsibility always, to try to give honest and sound advice based on market conditions. The cheapest agent is not the one charging the least, it is the one that sells your home for the most!! The fee you pay is your marketing budget so it’s often wiser to invest more up front and get a better return. 

Office contact details

Tavistock 2 Drake Road Tavistock Devon PL19 0AU